• Unique to PolyVsa Institute and AVSAPRO.
  • Run a bio-feedback polygraph system together with voice polygraph on same PC in real-time.
  • Works with Stoelting or Lafayette polygraph systems together with AVSAPRO voice polygraph.
  • Requires minimum 17″ laptop pc, i5 processor with 16 GIG RAM in Win 7/8/10, using split screen tech.

1 x 3 Chart IZCT series run. ISSUE: ZAR R10,000 STOLEN DualTech™ utilised: Run Avsapro VP & LX4000 BFP on same PC using splitscreen.

USAF-MGQT run on AVSAPRO™ VER 20 and Lafayette LX4000 simultaneously Polyvsa™ Dualtech™ splitscreen on Asus 17″ laptop with i7 processor and 16 GIG RAM

  • AVSAPRO : Average = 78 DI strongly indicated.
  • Biofeedback Polygraph: = DI strongly indicated.

POLYVSA Institute of Training